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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Coffee Talk

So I seen a few bloggers doing Coffee Talk and had to looked it up!
"Every Thursday, we can all get together and talk... over coffee :) How does that sound?" -Nat
Figured I'd give it a try!
Looks fun!

Lets Go...

Coffee Talk

1. Would you rather have a pen pal or an email pal?
I say Email.. Sorry I don't have that much time to find a pen and paper lol with 4 kids I can't even find a pen/pencil or blank piece of paper.

2. What are you wearing at this exact moment?
I'm looking pretty bummed out today haha so I'm not taking a picture but basically ripped jeans and white tank top.. I'm kinda cold so I might put on a hoodie soon haha.

3. When you are sick, how do you handle it?
When I'm sick I complain a lot but then I suck it up cause mommies of 4 don't have time to be sick.. I end up doing everything and maybe even more than I usually do when I'm not sick cause I wount be yelling at my kids to pick up after themselves since my throat or head would be hurting.

4. I am [fill in the blank].
I am getting ready to start cooking and clean up my house a bit.. but at the moment blogging.

5. Movie you are excited to see this year????
This might be tough since anyone who knows me, knows I never go to the movies and barley ever see them till they are out on dvd or on TV haha.
Last movie I saw in theaters was Step Up Revolution
But I guess The Hobbit would be exciting to see.
I seen all the Lord of the rings and even have the trilogy on DVD. I'm a dork I know!
I got into them from my husband who first told me that the Hobbit was a book before the lord of the rings came out.

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