Shabby Apple Affiliate!

I was contacted by Shabby Apple a couple of days ago and
was asked to be an affiliate with them.
I had never heard of this company before so
as soon as I finished reading the email I began to
look them up to see what they offered on their site.
I have to say once I took a look at the site, I fell in love!

For those of you not familiar with Shabby Apple,
its best known for their retro dresses!
They also sell swimwear, accessories, maternity clothing,
kids clothing, and even have an arts & crafts section!

Be sure to check them out!!

Dresses from Shabby Apple

Save 20% Sitewide with code NewYears! 
Offer expires 1/31/2013.

A few things I saw that I'm in LOVE with!!

Shoes from Shabby Apple Shoes from Shabby Apple

Jewlery from Shabby Apple Jewlery from Shabby Apple

Swimwear from Shabby Apple Swimwear from Shabby Apple
I know its nowhere near summer lol

Swimwear from Shabby Apple Swimwear from Shabby Apple

hmm I seem to be making a wishlist lol
ok ok go check out ShabbyApple now!
Theres many awesome stuff to buy!

Also if you would like to become one of there affliates check out there info here


  1. oohh Congrats! very coool! I love the swimwear :) fun size beauty

  2. Thanks Steph! With 4 kids I try and hide my belly LOL but I thought these were just too cute!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. omg I'm sorry Stacey Kane!
    I accidentally removed your comment after I read it.. I meant to reply ugh!!

    Thanks so much for following and I followed you back!

  5. If anyone wants to check out Stacey's blog and follow its



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