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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


This Note is from Dark Angel But I agree and if you do too get the word out and support this artist!

"This is your chance to show one of own favorites how much he really means to us and how much the tagging community can pull together to help out an artist in need!

As you may know, Gary is a very dear friend of mine and recently he had some issues with his computer and he just told me he's now without ANYTHING! He's completely without a computer and with no means to get a new one.

So, I told him that I would GLADLY pull the tagging community together for him.

He was in the process of making an AMAZING new tube and because he doesn't have his system that's on hold but I know I REALLY want that tube and I know you will too! Here's what I am proposing:

If we can all donate a MINIMUM (more if you want) of $5.00 to Gary directly to his PayPal at garyrudisill@gmail.com we can help get this tube done sooner and for a minimum donation of $20.00 Gary will send you a personally signed print of one of his images of your choice! You can find his stuff here at DreamScape


Come on Gang, I know we can pull together and help him with this, let's show him how much he means to us!!!

Thanks In Advance!
~* Dark Angel Designz*~"

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