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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mac Rude Employees?!

Yesterday I had gone to the MAC in:
Store Smith Haven
313 Smith Haven Mall
Lake Grove, NY 11754
(631) 724-5960

It was 2:00pm.

I walked in with my husband and 2 year old boy who was sleeping in the carriage. 
A male employee immediately asked if I needed any help. 
Now at the time he was behind the register and I did not see him so I looked over to the woman employee who had been on the floor and I said, "Just looking thank you!"
The male employee who I didn't notice standing behind the register said, "Oh I'm over here."
I said, "Oh I'm sorry I didn't see you over there".
The female employee that worked there then says, "Did she think that was my voice?! I would hope I didn't sound like a man, No offenses!"

(now I have always had hearing issues and can't tell where a sound may be coming from, plus I have a deep voice myself so I didn't think anything about it) 

I was already thrown off by this response from the woman employee
For one I didn't feel like she should have said anything about how I confused where the voice came from or who it was after I had already apologized
Second she didn't say Hi or anything to greet me when I had walked in even though she was on the floor!

Anyways I continued looking and walked over to one wall and picked up a fix + bottle to read what exactly it does and if they had any pricing info as there was no sign near this product. 
As I was reading it the woman employee then said, "If there is anything you want to look at or try it's on the back wall, Don't touch anything on that wall!"
I looked over at my husband cause I wasn't sure if I heard her nasty response correctly and we were both in shock! I saw my husband turn away as he was now pissed off and wanted to leave.
I placed the item back exactly how it was and said, "ok".
I looked around trying to not let this ruin my shopping but it was too late it had already! 
I walked out and didn't buy anything! 
I was so mad I didn't get her name either because at this point I just wanted to leave the mall entirely! 
I had kept my mouth shut the entire time since my son was asleep and I didn't want to start anything with the rude female employee!

It was not ok that an employee talked to me this way as if I was a child
To treat a potential customer in this matter! 
Customers should be allowed to look around and look at things! 
I wasn't opening anything I was reading the bottle to get some info. 
I'm 30 years old not a child
I touched one thing and this was the rude comment I got!
 I am NOT happy at all!

It takes alot for me to be unhappy! I have 4 kids and am very easy going
But this really has ruined my day! 
I could have easily gone to the Macy's in that same mall and got better service from the MAC booth! They always seem to treat me with respect there!

I remember this woman employee the 1st time I went to this MAC Store and she didn't say Hi or anything to me to greet me! She needs to be taught customer service of some sort!
Maybe even fired!
They have lost me as a customer in that store!

I understand it's not the company but one employee that has ruined it for me!
I love MAC products and always shop in stores, But at this point this entire experience has left a sour taste in my mouth!
Something must be done!

I was talking to a few of my friends on this matter to see if it was just me. 
But infact it wasn't! 
They said they always get bad vibes going to that particular MAC Store.

What do you guys think?
Have you every had bad vibes when going to MAC stores?
What do you think should be done?

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  1. I have always gotten rude/bad service at the MAC freestanding near me. It seems like the associates have a superiority complex. Even as a pro member (which should tip them off that 1) I know my stuff and 2) I'm willing to spend money there) I struggle to get good service there. They closed last year, and good riddance!

    While I would have let the first comment pass by (maybe she was trying to make her male co-worker feel better for being possibly mistaken for a woman), the second comment was out of line. If MAC didn't want customers to be able to shop the store, they wouldn't have open format stores like they do. I'm willing to bet that the associates had just stocked/straightened the wall & didn't want it messed up.

    I'd highly suggest you call and ask to speak to the manager. Don't indicate that you have a complaint- at first. There's always a chance that one of the people working was the manager, and if you put the complaint out there right away, it'll never get to a person that can address it. I'd very pleasantly ask if she can tell you who the associate was that helped you- describe her & give her the day and time and I'm sure she can check. If she says it was her, simply ask for the name of her district manager or a customer service number. Hopefully, it was another associate, and you can let her manager know about the issue.

    This behavior seems endemic to MAC, and as long as people keep ignoring it & buying anyway, it won't change.

  2. @Jessica I agree! And yes I did let the 1st comment by her go which is why I kept looking around but I didn't see him so I actually thought it was her and since I have a deep voice myself and have had on 2 different occasions on the phone people call me sir I figured that was the case. Was already embarrassed at the fact that I confused the two but I didn't see him and she was on the floor so I thought it was her.. it was more the tone in which she said it. But I completely agree with you! I actually emailed there customers service and told them about the situation and that I hoped they get back to me about the woman! My husband works in retail and said don't call the store only because in some instences they lye about the name or number and have you searching so that there friend or if it was them was safe from getting into trouble. I don't understand why there employees feel that they are bigger or better than anyone eles?! Your selling makeup you don't own the company! LOL honestly I have never had an issue in Sephora (So far lol) But thanks for your comment! :D

  3. I experience something like this before. Its my first time encounter with MAC makeup artist that is so bad manner. I went to MAC counter for so many time, the sales person very polite asking whether I want to purchase other item or not and they even double check the shades of the products. But this time, I purchase some products from MAC and the MAC makeup artist didn't bother to check if its the correct shades of the product or not and she didn't even ask me whether there's anything I need or something. I still remember the rude MAC makeup artist name but I just don't know how to make a complain about her service. Thinking about that really makes my blood going up. -.-

  4. @Little Beauty Lashes I do feel that more people need to speak up and report issues and rudeness so hopefully there can be a change in how employees treat the customers! After all if not for us there would be no MAC!

    If you want to repost any issues go to there site @ http://www.maccosmetics.com/customer_service/contact_us.tmpl

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  6. So sorry to hear about your experience with them unfortunately so many people I know have had horrible encounters with their employees including myself. I love their lip and eye products and even though I live 5 mins away from the store I choose to just shop online when it comes to their products.

  7. @Nantawan Bennett Thanks I linked up and followed you threw google + and Bloglovin :D

  8. @Rebel Damsel Oh I know and thanks! I think I might have to purchase things online more! Sometimes I can't wait and want the product NOW LOL!

  9. I had a bad experience at MAC, too. The lady wasn't rude, but she was doing my make up and was really close to me (which tends to happen), but the bad part was that she smelled SO BAD like cigarettes and cheap perfume. It was literally making me sick. I didn't say anything, and once my sis left the store she was all, "Omg, she stunk! Now we smell like her!" For the rest of the day we smelled like that woman...& being out of town we couldn't just pop home and change/BATHE! I can never go into that MAC store again--it brings back memories and literally nauseates me just thinking about it.
    I definitely think you should have reported the sales associate to a manager. No customer should ever have to feel like that!


  10. @Lisa Sorry about your experience! It's sad to know that a great company has so many rude employees! I think I might just start buying stuff online.
    I did report it and I got a response back so I'll post it soon! Thanks!

  11. I always have problems with my MAC counter (thats why I don't own one thing from MAC!) It really sucks because I always go back saying to my self "this time will be different!" Lol and nope they are always RUDE!
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  12. Sometimes it depends on who you get but I hate when I get bad customer service. I have boycotted some places indefinitely because of their poor service!


  13. @Kristen Smith I agree and something has to be done already if everyone is saying the same thing! It shouldn't be that we miss out on a product because of rude employees! Next time report it too, I'm hoping to visit there again and see if her attitude changes or if she's even there anymore. Checking out your blog now ;)

  14. @Erica D yes I agree but I think it must have a lot to do about the training within the company & management. I have to say I shop at many different Sephora's & Ulta stores and never had an issue. Always get greeted and asked if I need help, never any bad attitudes or feeling uncomfortable. But almost in every Mac a bit of an attitude or feeling uncomfortable and sometimes don't get greeted or approached! Kinda sad cause many people like MAc but I actually only like the lipsticks and even then I might just Buy online if I want something.

  15. It’s unfortunate that you had to deal with someone so rude. The first comment, I took as her joking. but it was TMI on her part. However, the 2nd one was bad mannered. Unfortunately, and this is a FACT; the majority of the younger generation people of today lack proper communication. I see it every day with work and more. Why? Because they don’t know how to communicate. With technology, most text, send quick emails, etc., and personal attention is pushed to the way side, sometimes unknowingly that they come across impolite. This is why as a business you have to place more into teaching your employees how to speak properly, as they don’t know how, because they don’t do it on a daily basis. None the less, it starts with training, an inspecting what you expect from your team!

    My experience depends upon the location of the shopping and the department store. Even so, I’m sorry she actually told you, that you couldn’t touch something. If you can’t touch, sample, or look how you can buy?

    I hope your next experience is better, maybe you’ll get lucky and she will no longer be there.


  16. @Barbie's Beauty Bits Completely agree on the communication Part! Me and my husband talk about this all the time! And I do feel like companies now have to step up especially big companies such as MAC! My sister in law just told me she was in mac last weekend and for about 30 minutes and no one asked her for help and when she went up and asked a question they snapped back like she was bothering them or something! Extremely rude! I don't feel that any employee should snap back at any customer! And about her 1st statement it didn't bother me too much so I let that go but really she could have just kept the comment to herself till I left lol But whatever. I am hoping they did something with her and I do want to stop in to see if she's still their, even if she is I want to see if her attitude has changed. In the same mall there is a MAC in the macy's as well and they usually are very nice . So I guess the stand alone store seems to have a power trip or just the one lady does lol