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Friday, March 22, 2013

Google Issues no more!

Yup all that drama Google have now left bloggers pondering what they will do?!
Will they lose all there Feeds to there favorite blogs in which they have been following threw
 GFC (Google Friend Connect)?! Ahhhh
In the wake of this news Bloglovin' has stepped up their game and will take the place of GFC!
Heres a quick tutorial on how to import all your feeds over to bloglovin' just from hitting a few buttons,
Simple & Easy.

The best part you will still get your feeds from your bloggers and not have to re-follow every 
blog all over again!

*all pics are clickable thumbnails, easier to read*

If you have any issues leave a comment and I will try and help out
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  1. oh i did this too. very sad news to heard :(

    hi ^^ i found your blog in #bbloggers blog hop
    do you want to follow each other on bloglovin and gfc?
    let me know ^^ visit my blog ^^

  2. Found you through Monday Beauties!

    This post is so useful! Thank you!

  3. @Aislinn B Oh thank you! Followed you on google plus and bloglovin ;)