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Monday, May 10, 2010

[T] Scary Pic



*These are clickable thumbnails if you are having difficulty reading it*

Now I add the Blood and Cracks and some dirt brushes each to different layers
I have all the layers Opacity set to 100 the layer properties I have them alternating soft Light and Overlay
*You would have to play around with it to get the look you like*

Now the background I used mostely Dirt Brushes on different layers
In the background you don’t have to get too crazy with differnt layers I only used 4*

Blood brushes can be found at:
Photoshop brushes
Paintshop brushes

Crackling brushes:

Dirt Brushes
*I Mostely used for backgrounds*

*Sorry can’t give you exact brushes I used (not cause I’m selfish lol)
Just cause I have soo many brushes I really can’t remeber which ones I used and it would take too long for me to scroll to each brush to compare.
Plus when I’m making this graphic for friends I never use the same brushes and you can adjust them to fit how you like them to look.*

Disclamer: Results may vary depending on program used.


P.S. Can’t wait to see some examples of what you ladies have done :)

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