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Thursday, June 17, 2010


*Tutorial was written using Adobe Photoshop & thumbnails click to see better if you are having difficulties
Supplies Needed:
Tubes of Choice
I used the artwork of FTU Artist
Adam braun
You can find him at: 
http://www.adambraunart.com/ orhttp://abraun.deviantart.com/
FTU Scrap Kit: 
Delicious Scraps, Fun Kit
Font of your choice
I used
Monsieur La Doulaise Font
*Sorry it's a pay font*

Open Photoshop File>New
Width: 690px
Height: 580
Background: Transparent

5. Select gradient tool select inside of the big frame and on new layer add the gradient into the selection and set that layer to soft light. 

For this I made my own Gradient this is the setting used:

Hit ok
6. Next I made another layer this time with the inside of the 2 smaller frames being selected and used the same gradient but set this layer to Screen, Opacity:95%
Here is what it should look like so far:

7. I added a mask on a new layer on top of the middle tube layer but below the gradient and set mask layer to screen.
Here is the mask I made and used in the tag:

*Right click & save*

8. Then I added the rest of the elements and drop shadow on some

and add the copyright info :)

Here is the settings I used for my name (Jenny)
Drop shadow
Opacity: 55
Angle: 30
Distance: 2px
Spread: 0
Size: 3px
Outer Glow

Inner Glow


Color Overlay
And your Done ;)

P.S. Can’t wait to see some examples of what you ladies have done :)

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