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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

[T] Flag Fritillary

I used a Flag to create this effect but you are welcome to play around and use whatever graphics you like to create an awesome effect!

1. I googled american flag or whatever pic you want this effect on Save and open it on your editing program.

2. I didn’t like how the colors are alittle dull so to brighten them up...

*This pic is a thumbnail if you can't read it click for bigger image*

3. Then Merge the and Layers together

4. Seleted the top layer and go to your filters and open your Xero filter and select the fritillary option

(Sorry I couldn’t get the screen shot of my setting so I’ll just type it)

Granularity: 7
Aggression: 50
Tesselation: 100
Variation: 100

and hit ok

*This is only the setting I used for this picture you might have to play around with the setting alittle bit to get the look u want.

5. Thats it!! Your image should now look something like this...

*If you dont have this filter please refer to the site:

Hope this helps and would love to see what you all come up with!

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