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Hi My name is Jennifer But my family and friends call me Jenny. In the Graphic Design/Tagging world I'm also known as Ibedatfinemami (IBDFM). I am 30 years old, My Birthday is May 25th. My nationality is Puerto Rican but I was born in the US. I have been doing graphic design since high school (so about 15 years now). I also love to doodle and sketch and I used to paint. I also have a makeup obsession! I took cosmetology classes in high school and a year after high school.

I am Happliey married for 7 years now to a very sweet and loving man named Stephen (Este). We were good friends before we became lovers ;) His nationality is Peruvian, like me he was also born in the US. We have 4 beautiful kids together (2 Girls and 2 Boys).

Zoila is my 1st born.
She is 14 and has taken the role of little mama.
Always taking care of the little ones and
helping big mama out ;)
Though she has her moments (UGH the joys of a teen) She's really a sweetheart.
A bright, smart young lady doing great in school!
She's on the Honor roleVice president of student council at her school.

Kane is my 2nd born and oldest son.
He is 9 and we call him little man.
He's always been a sweet boy
caring of others.
Kane and his lil sister nana
are best friends 
(Attached at the hip)
Latin Twins
He's happy he finally has a little brother.
Always getting 100% on his spelling tests!
Teachers seem to always adore him.

Arianna aka Nana is my baby girl.
She is 8 years old.
Her own person!
Very LOUD.
If she has something to say you will hear it!
Leader not a follower.
Tomboy who plays with the boys and bugs gets dirty and loves it, but still loves girly things.
Takes care and sticks up for her little baby brother.
She's great in Spelling and Math!
All I see is high 90's and 100's!

My Baby Boy Xavier
(If we thought Nana was a hand full 
we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when X was born!) 
He is a Character to say the least!
Always getting into trouble and
not even 2 yet!
Loves his Pillow.
A Huge mama's boy.
Mama wouldn't have it any other way ;)
Makes everyone smile
even when he's being bad.

We also have 1 Bully & 1 Doggie Angel in our family who we adore.

Rage is our Doggie Angel who passed She was a Female Bullmastiff.
Tank is a 7 year old Male English Bulldog.


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