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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

THIS IS EXPIRED ALREADY Thanks to who helped :D

My son, Kane, is tring to raise money for the American Heart Association by participating in Jump Rope for Heart at his school..

Usually we only raise like $10 (Which is what I put in)
I only give him $10 because I have 3 other kids 2 of which are in school also and the cost of field trips and other programs I really can't afford more!

Well he told me this year he wants to raise $100.00!

I felt bad after I spoke to my son explaining I can't give more and people on our block don't really wanna give money.

So I thought of an idea! I see there is a way we can raise online!

They have a direct website so that the kids don't have to deal with the money!
So I figure Why not design graphics to raise the money for my son to reach the goal!

I'm still working on a few things like how much for what so I'll post details soon ;)

Hopefully you lovely ladies can help him out ;)

*If you donate you may request freebies from me ;)

Premade Picture Graphics
Premade icons/blinks
Want a custom graphic from me?

Want to help?
Pass me please..

want freebies for donating?

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