How do you use your MG bags?

So they were asking everyone how they used they're My Glam Bags So I'm sharing with you all..

I use mines in my baby's diaper bag as organizers basically.
I used to always throw everything I needed in the diaper bag they really only have like 3 big compartments and 2 lil zip areas. 
So I was always looking and searching for stuff.
I don't carry a purse around anymore since I have a huge diaper bag for my 11 1/2 month old.

1 Bag I used for if any of my kids get hurt.. 
Kinda like a medical baggie..
Filled with: 
band aides
antibacterial cream
and midol for me ;)

2nd bag I used as cleaning kit I guess
Filled with:
Baby lotion 
Baby powder 
Germ blaster Anti Bacterial Gel
All travel sizes

3rd bag I used as  a baby medical kit
Filled with:
Fever reducer with syringe
Saline spray and boogie suction
Baby Rub Soothing gel
Humphies - for babies teething to soothe them

What do you use your bags for?



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