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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kiss Lashes Haul

Kiss Lashes & Duo Glue

I have had issues in the past getting my false lashes on, 
figured it had to do with the glue I was using was cheap or just didn't work for me. 
With Duo adhesive I haven't had a ton of issues, practice makes perfect!
Now this is the only eyelash adhesive I use!

For lashes I like different brands.
While I was in walmart I saw this amazing pack of 5 pairs 
from Kiss for only $10 so I jumped!
Cheap and effective!
*eyelashes do not come with Duo glue.

Here are pictures of the lashes on

 I have to say I absolutly love them! 
It gives my lashes a fuller sexier look.

Here are some closeups.

How do you guys feel about Kiss Lashes?
What is your favoriate brand of false lashes?
Which eye lash adhesive do you like and use most?

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  1. Your lashes look gorgeous. I have an issue with falsies as well so I usually just work to build up my own to look like falsies. I love these lashes, they are very full and look great on you.