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Friday, March 25, 2011

My Hubby Loves Me!!

So I'm prego and I have been complaining about a few things
(Men don't usually listen especially when you complain)
So I thought nothing of it..
basically I'm venting and goes over his head
I've been moody,
upset that I haven't had the energy to do anything,
depressed about how I look (Bummy and prego lol),
and well just Bitchy haha.

But who knew he was actually listening this time!
He went out and brought me some gifts!
I feel so spoiled!
We never buy each other anything.
Birthdays, Holidays, we figure save the money for the kids.
After all we really don't need anything it's just wants really.

So On to what he brought me!

He got me a Hair Straightener
Cause I've had mines for like 9 years so it was all old
and took forever to straighten hair.
Plus I dropped it a few times so it was kinda broken..
Again 9 years!! haha

OK I'm a coffee addict
I have cut down A LOT,
Since I'm prego and caffeine isn't good for you & the baby.
But I can have 1 or 2 cups a day!
(as long as I don't have soda or ice tea)
So we have been spending a little too much money at coffee shops!

Hubby went out and brought me..

A Tassimo Coffee Machine!
Don't know what it is?
You have got to look it up!
Plus a carousel to hold the coffee disks!
(or whatever you call it lol)

It's awesome! And taste same as Starbucks, if not better!
It makes coffees, lattes, espressos, hot chocolates, teas, and more!

Thought that was it? Nope!
I have been complaining about a camera!
Especially since our baby is going to be born soon I wanna get some good pics!
We have an old one
It's ok but we haven't gotten a new one in about 8 years!

He took me to best buy and got me..

An awesome camera, carrying case, rechargeable battery, and sim card!
The Camera is pretty cool!
It has a large screen on the back.
It zooms in great and it focuses for you!
Plus it takes panoramic pictures with a sweep and video!
Loving it!

Thanks soo much babe! I Love everything you got me!

I think he's trying to make me happy b4 I give birth LMAOO
UGH the pain I'm going to be in! But it's all worth it for my baby boy!

Ohh I forgot he also got me a car, well a mini van lol But I am a mommy of 4 lol ;)
We only had one car so I'd have to rely on him all the time!
It was about 2 weeks ago when he got me it
I love that too just haven't taken a pic of it just yet lol
It's used But its great!
I'll tell you more about that in another post when I take pics ;)

Now to take some pics! lol


  1. Thats Great Jenny everyone needs a pick me up every now and then!

  2. Thanks Kayla ;)
    WOW it's been a long time!

    Sorry I have been so busy!
    Hope all is well!