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Friday, November 6, 2015

HUGE Dollar Tree Cosmetics & Beauty Haul *Warning Tons Of Pics!* Cont 2..

This is a HUGE Beauty/Cosmetics Dollar Tree Haul!
Don't forget to watch my YouTube Video posted before this post.

Here I will be posting pictures and
swatches as a closer look at everything I hauled in
my video: https://www.youtube.com/ibedatjenny

Fashion Nails for kids

This one was too cute to pass up!
Cute tribal look!
These are pre-glued nails,
which I didn't know when buying them.
I don't like pre-glued nails because
I feel like the glue isn't strong enough.
But these do say for kids.

Fashion Nails for kids

I love sugar Skulls so I had to get these!
Again these are for kids so they are small and
I really wished they sold these in my size!
But are great for presents or for one special occasion like a school dance.

Sassy+Chic Fashion Nails

I liked the nice sleek design gold stripes
so I picked these up.
Can't wait to use these.

*These do not come with nail glue.

Milani Nail Lacquer Neon

This color is in 508 Pink Rocks!
I love milani nail polishes and this one isn't any different.
The color popped out at me.
Smooth and not clumpy nail polish.

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength

Another amazing nail polish brand!
This is in Bliss,
A nice light pink/peach color.
Very neutral and great for base on french tips.

Revlon Nail Art

Dollar tree had a bunch of these in different shades and colors!
I got moon candy.
I thought this would be great for halloween.
Left is a dark green color then if you want you can put the one on the right,
on top for a glitter look.

Sassy+Chic Nail Art

These are cute embellishments to add a bling to your nails!


I think these are great!
I didn't see any other designs though.
I wanted cute fruits but oh well these are adorable as well.

Sassy+Chic Nail Art

These are glitters to add more bling to your nails.
They had a bunch of different glitter designs!
I brought 3 kinds.


These look like regular circle glitter in different colors.

Sassy+Chic Nail Art

More bling glitters.
These are more like glitter strips confetti.

Loving the options!

Sassy+Chic Nail Art

These are so cute!
They are shapes like flowers, stars, hearts and etc.


I think these would also be great for crafts like resin pieces.

I'm going to stop here because I know its a lot of pics so it will be continued in next post.
Don't forget to comment and show some love!

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