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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy 10 year Anniversary!

*Graphic made by my friends Lorena
WOW it's been 10 years married to my wonderful husband!

*Graphic made by my friends Lorena

I think it flew by so fast!
Sure we have had our Ups and downs but always stuck by each other!

*Graphic made by my friends Lorena

My husband worked today so I didn't think it was going to be anything special. 
I wanted to cook him something sweet 
but hubby called me early from work 
and said that he's going to take me out for a Dinner Date 
and has already called my lil sister, Ashley, to watch the kids.
Aww how sweet of him! 

I got ready and hubby came home with a bunch of goodies for me!

I thought the dinner date was enough plus he got me makeup gifts a few days ago just because.
I really didn't think I was getting too much!

He got me such beautiful flowers!

I'm not really a flower person but these are stunning
I love them and the cute little note.

He also got me an outfit cause he thought it would look nice on me and a jewelry set!
(necklace and matching earrings)
Jeans, two tanks, and a cute camo shirt!

If that wasn't enough he went to Sephora!!
He got me these goodies!

Urban Decay - Theodora Palette, Naked Skin Beauty Balm, Naked Flushed

He's Such an Amazing man!
I have tons of swatches and reviews to do now lol
Stay tunned!
With all these goodies I have gotten the past few days I'm so behind!

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