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Friday, January 13, 2012

Joined a forum and did my makeup for today ;)

ok so recently I joined a makeup forum: http://www.makeuptalk.com

They do Face Of The Day which I thought was a really cool Idea! I posted mines up for today

here it is..
If the lettering is too small:
For Face: I used trublend minerals by CoverGirlI #415
For Eyes: the eyeliner I used is from CoverGirl as well called "Midnight black"
I need to expand on my makeup lol I started fresh this year so I basically have nothing.

The eyeshadow is an Icing makeup kit unfortunatly it didn't have color names or numbers :(
this was gifted to me by my lil sister ;)
I circled the colors I used

End result.. Sorry quality of photo and lighting sux I know.. I used my webcam. also I just put my eyeshadow over my trublend minerals. I don't have any primer at the moment.

I just realized I forgot to put on mascara but after all I'm not going anywhere so lol
on my lips I usually just put chap stick or lip gloss but didn't put any on since I been drinking coffee to keep up with my lil 9 month old haha

I don't think I will be doing this everyday but when I have time maybe for me it will be Face Of The Week lol

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