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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

MyGlam Obsessed!

Ahhhh I can't wait!! SO excited!
So I thought I didn't make the deadline for the January bag but I got a lovely email back from customer service! Which I must say its great to actually have a person get back to you and in a timely manner!

"You're welcome Jenny! This past weekend was an extra opening for subscriptions starting with a January Glam Bag. Thanks again =)
Amy with MyGlam"

So I made it! I wount have to wait till next Month!! YAY *Does Happy Dance*

I'll update you all when I receive MyGlam Bag!

Here are some graphics if you are waiting and excited also ;)
May be used in forums, blogs websites ect please try and give credit :D

*Do not hotlink, please save to your pc and reupload for your use
*Do not rip apart

Enjoy ;)


  1. Did you sign up in December for the January bag or just recently when they opened up?

  2. Just as soon as they opened up on the 7th in the morning. I thought I didn't make it but when I emailed them about not getting my confirmation email that was what they wrote back ;)