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Thursday, May 17, 2012

May Glam Bag is HERE!

Whats on the card..

Here we go:

1st is the sample Philosophy Love Sweet Love perfume

What to say about this..
It's cute and smells great but I would have liked a bigger size.. 
like travel size maybe?

#2 is Studio Gear Lipstick
*It's full size*

I got the color Autumn Red which look like..

It seems to match my skin color nicely thou I have to admit I wanted a brighter red or even pink but this is my fav. item in the bag!
It's valued at $15 so this made the bag worth it.

love it on my lips!

3rd item is the Miss Beauty Nail Bling

I think this is very cute, But I wount be wearing it because of the texture..
I am changing poopie diapers all day long so this seems like I would be messing it up way too fast & may make washing my hands a bit harder lol

It wount go to waste my 13 year old will love them!

Last item #4 is Myglam final 2 brushes to complete the collection

It's 1 Concealer Brush & 1 Defining Eyeliner Brush
I like them. Finally my collection is complete.

The bag was ok this week but I do think they need to step it up!

What do you think?
What color lipstick did You ladies get?

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