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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Gifts for Mother's Day!

I wanted to show you what I did with the makeup I got from hubby for my Mother's Day Gift!

I used the Sephora Smokey eye Palette:

I used the purples in the right corner:

Here is the look:

My review:

Ok so I thought the eyeshadow colors had a goDonod amount of pigment to them. I loved it as an alternative to the urban decay custom palettes. 
Don't get me wrong thou Urban decay is awesome but this is pretty great too.

The eyeliners I got from sephora I used in the pic also but of course just the black:

I liked at first but then I noticed it started to run :(

I have only used the black sparkly one so far but you can see where it kept running on this pic..

I constantly looked in the mirror and had to wipe that area all day.

I will be tring the other liners in the pack another day but hopefully I woun't be having the same issues. 

So I'm loving my palette so far! Gotta go play with some other colors!
Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!

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