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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Gifts from my dear friend Alicia!

Got a package from my dear friend Alicia :)

She sent me makeup she doesn't use 
which she collected from her Ipsy bags.
She knew I'm Makeup Obsessed and decided to send me them!

XO Thank you so much doll! XO

First I'll show My favorite item!

GlamRX Palette
Mini Freestyle Palette
I've been wanting to get myself a Z-palette kinda thing and 
here she goes sending me GlamRX

This mini palette has a magnetic base, 
perfect spot to store pan-only eyeshadows

(2 of which she included)
You can also store blushes and bronzers
or whatever you need. 
This pocket-sized palette is perfect for quick touch ups on the go!

Here are the two pan eyeshadows she included:

Eyeshadow pans

These look like nice everyday colors! 
Can't wait to try these out!

Azalea Petal and Seashell

If you want to buy some like these I found the site:

Ultra Pearl Mania

*Sorry flash messed with the color

The color of the pigment is silver but 
the bottle looks like an olive color lol

I love the NYX Ultra pearl mania collection!
A little goes a long way and its so pigmented!

Lash Card

I have small lashes (Or hardly any lol)
so when I put mascara on sometimes I mess up 
and touch my lid trying to get every lash I have. 

Back of package tells you how you can use them.

It comes with quiet a few to use!

I've never tried these but I have to say I'm excited to try it!

MICA Beauty Cosmetics
Gel Eyeliner

It's in black
I have an on and off relationship with gel liners.
One week I love it next week I can't get it to work.

But I'll give this a try.
I guess to me they seem to dry out too quickly.

That was it,
Thanks again Alicia!
Thanks for reading my blog and please comment.
Have you guys tried any of these products?
How did you feel about them?
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