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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My first Sircle Sample!

I finally got my invite! 
It took me a year to get excepted!

What is SircleSamples?
SircleSamples is a way to get free samples.
Build your personal beauty profile and you’ll earn Sircle Coins to trade for free samples.
You can also earn Sircle Coins by referring friends & reviewing products.
You can order samples whenever you want 
depending on your Sircle Coins balance 
and on the number of samples they have available.

*Some of the samples go really fast so you have to be on your toes lol.

I got my first in the mail today!

 So cute how it came with a chocolate coin!
NYX - Jumbo Lip Pencil

I Got the NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in #710 Cocoa

I do like the smoothness and gloss.

It's a bit darker than I usually wear on my lips 
but I will make a look soon for you all using it 
so you can see it on my lips.

Have you ever heard of Sircle Samples?
Have you gotten this or any other colors in NYX Jumbo pencil?
If so How do you like them?

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