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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Oyatsu Box Opening

This will be my first Oyatsu box opening!

Oyatsu Box is a monthly subscription box of Japanese Treats
that gets delivered to your door with free worldwide shipping!

There are different packages just right for any budget!

OyatsuBox Jr.
$7.99 on the 26th of each month
3 full size treats
Assorted variety of snacks, chips, candies, sweets, and/or gummies.

OyatsuBox – Original
$16.00 on the 26th of each month
6 full size treats
Assorted variety of snacks, chips, candies, sweets, and/or gummies.
1 Premium Gachapon
(Japanese Capsule Toy)

OyatsuBox – Premium
$25.00 on the 26th of each month
10 – 14 full size treats
Amazing variety of snacks, chips, candies, sweets, and gummies.
1 Premium Gachapon
(Japanese Capsule Toy)
DIY Candy Kit, Guaranteed

My Hubby got me the Premium Oyatsu Box.

I have say I was surprised with how the packaged
was packed full of so many goodies!

The Oyatsu Box comes with a pamphlet that describes
everything that comes in your box,
which I definitely needed to read since most,
if not everything,
was written in Japanese on the treats and goodies.

Lets get a closer look at everything I received in my
Premium Oyatsu Box!

1. O'ZACK Fried Gyoza Chips

I thought this tasted pretty good and
didn't look like our chips here in the USA but they were tasty
and it had that asian seasoning,
which reminded me of dumplings.

2. Hi-Chew Peach

I thought it was going to be the consistantcy of a starburst,
but it was actually softer and very chewy.
The wrapper was super cute.
I loved the peach flavor!

3. Calorie Mate - Chocolate

I had mixed feelings about this one.
Some bites I liked it and other bites it tasted weird.
It did have a chocolate type of flavor but it left a weird after taste.
Definitely a biscuit type of snack.

4. Karipoli - Cola & Ramune

I loved this candy!
It had the soda flavors and you dip the sticks into
a packet of pop rock type candy pouch too!
The sticks themselves have a bit of a fizzing type feeling in the mouth.
I personally like the ramune flavor more than the cola ones.

5. Hora dekita DIY Popsicle

I didn't try this yet due to the fact that it's a DIY 
which require some work and time
and I wanted to video myself doing it lol
But the package looks super cute!
So stay tuned to a separate post soon about this one.

6. Setouchi Peony Gummies

I don't usually like Gummy type candies,
I hate jellybeans and I don't care for gummy bears or worms.
But I thought I must give this a try, after all its from Japan!
I was surprised that I actually like these!
The Gummy candy taste good and its not the same kind of gummy
that we have here in USA,
its a softer type of gummy, if that makes any sense lol.

7. Pokemon Ramen - Soy

It also came with a cute Pikachu sticker.
My hubby ended up eating this soup, but he says he loved it!
He said it was super cute with pikachu ham bits!

There were a bunch but he ate them before I could get my camera out lol

8. Calpis Ball Candy

This had a candy kinda coated outside and chewy gummy inside.
it tasted like vanilla yogurt which is my fav!

9. Chocobi - Mexican Taco

These kinda felt like a puffy cheeto,
but they have a kind of glaze on them.
They are shaped like stars.
This was another weird flavor,
I was liking it one moment and the next
I wasn't sure how I felt about them.
They did taste a bit like taco seasoning but a bit of a sweet taste too.

10. Sour Apple Chew

At first I wasn't sure if this was a candy or gum but it is a gum.
Also it describes it as "chewy candy stick" but they are balls of gum.

These tasted so good I wish I had more!
Taste just like apple flavor.

11. Japanese Gachapon - Dragon Ball Z

This month Gachapon Toy was Dragon Ball Z figure.

I used to watch this back when I was in high school
and I loved the cartoon/Anime.
It's been so long so I could be wrong but,
I believe this is Goku when he goes super-saiyan,
Which is so awesome!
Love the detail!

That was the last item in my Oyastu Box 
and I have to say I'm impressed and
Loved most everything in the box!

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog
and don't forget to comment below!

What did you think of it?
Have you ever heard or received this box?

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