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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

IPSY gone :(

Last year I signed up for a year subscription of Myglam/Ipsy Bags
I knew it was ending soon but didn't realize that last month was my last bag!
Kinda upset I won't be getting Januarys Bag :(

*Picture from the Ipsy Site*

I would recommend IPSY Bags to Anyone!!
They are are so cute and I always looked forward to getting them each month.

I'm not sure if I'm going to resub just yet since I have to save up for my daughters sweet sixteen next year!!

But if you want more info on IPSY check out there site!
They are only $10 per month and free shipping!


  1. Sadly there is a waitlist now :( It does sound like an amazing deal because a lot of the products appear to be worth way more! I'm glad you enjoyed it though. I was just tardy to the party!


  2. @Nini Kat

    aww that suck :( I knew there were open spots in january but I guess they got filled up fast!