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Friday, June 21, 2013

OSIS+ Rough Rubber Texture Review

I recently got a sample of
OSIS+ Rough Rubber Texture by Schwarzkopf Professional
from Influenster Srping Fever VoxBox

So I tried it out, here is my review:

I love the packaging/container it comes in!
Looks super fun!

After opening it, for one it smells great.
I touched it cause it looked creamy, but it actually did have a rubber feel to it!

Now Let me first tell you how I used it,
After I washed my hair & while my hair was still wet
(but not dripping wet) 

I applied a quarter size amount of the Rough Rubber.
(I have long hair otherwise I'd say nickel or dime size)

I started to comb my hair with my fingers to distribute it evenly.
I also scrunched the ends of my hair for a little waves.
After doing that I let my hair dry naturally.
This is how my hair looked after I let it dry..

I have noticed right away that my hair wasn't as frizzy which I have always hated about my hair because I could never just leave it down without applying some product whether it be gel or mousse in my hair or I would have to straighten it and add hairspray etc.

So far it was excellent but I decided I wanted more curls.
Since my hair was dry I began to curl my hair.

I didn't add ANYTHING not even hairspray!
I got this look..

My hair felt awesome!
Smooth without any hardness or heavyness, like when you use hairspray or gel.

Another look at my entire look:

Sorry the pics aren't more clear I took them in my bathroom 
(lighting is horrid)

I couldn't believe it stayed without messing up since I didn't add hairspray or anything!

So I give this a YES YES YES!!

Did any of you recieve this product?
How did you feel about it?

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